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Hello and welcome to my art gallery. If you see something that is to your liking then let me know. I have to share my computer with my family and neighbors. I am nice that way. xP
Anyways I just got back to getting online and working from my computer. I have been busy and had to deal with a lot of family drama. I am here again and am or should say I am up for possibly getting back into drawing. I am so busy anymore with my life and my work and family stuff I have very little time to myself. But if you wish to buy something I am sure I can make time for you and your drawing you ask me of. Anyways enough of that. lol

I first want to show off my friends galleries and my wish list. Here they are.

My Wish List----->>>>… another....…… and yet… so gorgeous--->… and this one also---->…

My Friends on Furcadia and D.A.

:iconsatanicas-crimson: :iconadeostice: :iconagent-lack: :iconarlandria83: :iconasumoth: :iconblasphemi: :iconbobbycline: :icontentacuddles: :iconcaptainsephren: :iconciberya: :iconcris-bleeds: :iconrowdy-cris: :iconcrowfyre: :icondarktoki: :icondeftonys-muse: :icondemonic-angel-ka: :icongoldenwolf: :icongorgednightmares: :iconhotti-furc: :iconicytwilight: :iconjokerseye: :iconitachilady: :iconkhaosdog: :iconkiyka: :iconlaurakinz: :iconleahbug1995: :iconlemonyfresh13: :iconlerit-lyk-wtf: :iconlilyas: :iconlingliang: :iconmalikarderino: :iconmeachy: :iconmontreaux: :iconmortipenny: :iconmoxxy: :iconnananodel: :iconninjarisu: :iconobsidianoftheoldones: :iconoilcorner: :iconpale-lotus: :iconphaithe: :iconpolywog61: :iconpugslyhasfriends: :iconpumkitt: :iconpuppetsoul: :iconquixim: :iconrebelcake: :iconrobien: :iconsakurakitt: :iconisapphirus: :iconserenity2004: :iconshadow-flame: :iconsharmini: :iconzeronis: :iconshyrawolf: :iconsnowskadi: :iconsonic-is-ace: :iconsparklesaur: :iconspazzykiti: :iconsynoda: :icontheetwistedraven: :icontsukimaow: :iconvirtuoso-pianist-3: :iconazkai: :iconxxgorlockexx: :iconzias:

I enjoy their work so take a look they are fabulous.......

Now If ya need to get to me my yahoo ID is wildtexspirit  my email is the same ---> my Furcadia character is Shadowess_of_Flames my aim ID is wildtexspirit also.I also play on Gaia (shadowess_of_flames) and I might start up an account on Diablo2 I hope the 3 comes soon. I love that I also had an account on FFXI but lost that to my kids. xP same name also for that one.Anyways again I have to get going and so just look around and say hey to some of the sites I love and let them know if you like their work. be nice and have fun. chow y'all lol
  • Listening to: my kids talking
  • Reading: what I type
  • Watching: nota
  • Playing: Gaia or Diablo II
  • Eating: nothin
  • Drinking: water (always)
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hotti-furc Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2009
I miss you!! <333
ShadowessofFlames Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2009
OMG!!! hey how ya been?? xDD I have missed you too shug. I haven't been on furc in so long and now i have started to get back on my Gaia and D2. Things aren't so great for me and my family . lol

So how have you been hun? last i herd you were doing good.
hotti-furc Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2009
Yeah, i been doing ok. Working my tail off and getting sent all over the place. I go to Wisconcin next month.
You need to come spend time on furc hehehe
Love and miss ya!
ShadowessofFlames Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2009
I would but I have a new site up and running and my kids are gettin on me nerves. lol Gotta love or we would killem xPP

I'll see what I can do about gettin on sometime soon. I'll give ya heads up that way ya know when im on and we can be on together for once . :giggle: Well til then kisses and hugs. ohh check out my WebSite and tell me if there could be an improvement.... [link]

hope it turned out right..the url for the site that is xD leave a message and let me know ok? I am still working on things in it but much is done already. sorry rammbling ...just check it out.
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Submitted on
September 20, 2009